The Classification and Usage of Plastic Bag

According to material characteristics, plastic bags is generally divided into: LDPE plastic bags, HDPE bags, polypropylene bags, PVC plastic bags, mainly classified according to their material characteristics. And all kinds of plastic bags actually has different usages because of different materials.

1. LDPE plastic bags is used for: food packaging: cakes, candy, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc; fiber packaging products: shirts, clothing, knitting cotton materials, chemical products; daily chemical products packaging.
2. HDPE plastic bags is mainly used for: garbage bags, fungus bags; convenient bags, shopping bags, handbags, vest bag; plastic bags; inner bags of woven bags.
3. polypropylene plastic bags is used for packaging textiles, knitting cotton goods, clothing, shirts and so on.
4. PVC plastic is mainly used for: gift bags, luggage bags, knitting cotton goods bags, cosmetic bags; zipper bags, file packets.

Customers can choose different bag machines and raw materials to make bags according to their different demands.