Printing Machine

Machine for printing text and images. Modern printing machine generally by the installed version, ink, printing, paper printing (including folding) and other institutions. Its working principle is: to first printed text and images into the plate, is arranged on the printing machine, and then by artificial or presses the ink coating on the plate with text and images of the place, and directly or indirectly transfer to paper or other substrate (such as textiles, metal, plastic, leather, wood, ceramic and glass) to reproduce the same and a printing plate printing.

With instinctive and easy function for operator and max speed 80m/min, this flexo printing machine can reach both sides printing, varnish, screen printing, die cut, cold foil, punching, sheet cut, slitting, rewind as well as folding architective functions. This printing machine is quite suitable for mass production by virtue of its quick changeover, simple pressure adjustment, high printing precision and perfect register.Points for letterpress and offset, gravure and stencil printing machine; installed version and embossed structure points for flat, round applanation and round pressure round type printing machine

Application object: label, packaging paper, paper bag, carton, paper cup, lottery ticket, bill,pharmaceutical packaging etc.Paper used: carbonless paper, thermal paper, aluminum-plating paper, coated paper, cardboard, copy paper, self-adhesive paper, non-woven fabric, dialyzing paper, BOPP, PET and other films.

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