Pelletizer Machine

Line of single / twin screw pelletizer machine for masterbatch pelletizing. All our pelletizer machine is built in Ruian, and made in Ruian.

Pellets are economical, high quality material to produce with excellent results in a higher specific output. In the injection, blow molding and extrusion industries, the advantages of using pellet are its reliable operating, dust-free processing, easy storage and cleaning. Our pelletizer machine is able to offer the world market a wide range of machinery for pelletizing, our single screw pelletizer machine can process various plastics material with high output rates, it’s ideal for compounding, coloring, and recycling, masterbatch; twin screw pelletizer machine are designed to efficiently and economically process, its maximum flexibility for plastic compounding and multipurpose processing is able to meet highest technical standards. For optimization of processing, the control system is important to guarantee consistent production quality, we use PLC or PC BASE computer controller for automation control of the line. Over the last few years, pelletizer machine has been successfully engaged in Underwater Pelletizer Systems, its high efficiency and performance are exceeding the traditional strand pelletizer and face cutting pelletizer systems.