Film Blowing Machine

Specific processes for dry polyethylene particles into the hopper, by the weight of the particle itself from the hopper into the screw, when the pellets and screw thread oblique edge contact, the rotation of the oblique edge face plastic and slant edge perpendicular to the surface of the thrust, the plastic particles goes forward, progresses, due to plastic and screw, machine and plastic tube between friction and interparticle collision and friction, also due to the external cylinder heating gradually melted. The plastic melt the filter head to impurities from the mouth of the die, the wind ring cooling, blown the lambdoidal board, traction roll, roll the finished film is coiled into a cylinder.

In order to meet the production process of plastic film packaging material some special functional needs, a variety of material properties (such as breathable, waterproof, thermal insulation and toughness) blown and coextrusion together to form multifunctional plastic film, multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine is developed. The purpose of multi-layer co extrusion film blowing machine is to play the advantages of a variety of materials, to avoid some of the shortcomings of a single material or mono layer film blowing machine.

Such as PP, PE co extrusion film blowing machine, it is using the PP material hardness of high brightness characteristics and PE materials combined with the characteristics and produce combined with the characteristics of two kinds of films.

Multilayer coextrusion blow molding machine is divided into several, such as second layer coextrusion blown film machine, three layer coextrusion film blowing machine, five layer co extrusion film blowing machine seven layer coextrusion film blowing machine.

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