The Trends and Automation Needs of Bag Making Machine

The Trends and Automation Needs of Bag Making Machine. The applications of bag machine is related to many major industry of people’s livelihood, such as food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. The is huge market of bag making machine behind us to meet the consumption of supplies. China Bag Making Machine and packaging machine industry association predicts that the total value of the domestic food industry and packaging bag machine industry will reach 130 billion yuan in 2010, while the market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. As one of flexible packaging equipment, bag making machine has a huge market potential and good development space.

It is understood that China’s flexible packaging manufacturing industry only has 20 years history. It is the based on the introduction of foreign equipment and it learns a lot of experience from foreign technology . We can produce only making the satellite printer and dry laminating machine with 400 mm width, 20 m/min specification in the beginning. But now we can making the gravure printing machine, dry laminating machines with 1000mm width and 150m/min specification and the automatic bag making machine with more than 100 times/min specification. In this way, it improves the great developments of domestic flexible packaging industry.

At present, China’s flexible packaging industry already has a large scale, forming a flexible packaging equipment production base in eastern part of Guangdong Province, Wuxi (Jiangsu Province), Wenzhou and Haining ( Zhejiang Province), Xi’an region (Shangxi Province), and so on. In the past, our bag manufacturing enterprises in China mainly produce narrow automatic bag making machine. The foreign equipment is mostly imported from Japan. In recent years, with the growth in demand, we still import a lot of advanced equipment from other places in Japan. This means that there is a large gap between us with the advanced countries.

Thus, during the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, China’s domestic flexible packaging machine industry raises new requirements to improve the technology and level of equipment, especially pays great attention to new requirement of technology research and development of high efficiency, high speed, high precision, automatic and advanced equipment. It aims at reducing the gap between domestic and foreign technology and makes our flexible packaging machine industry more strong.