About Us


Tinva has the great technical support of its own factory Ruian Reifeng Packing Machinery Co., Ltd which established in 1996. And tinva has been focusing on plastic packing equipment and process technology. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for packing processing.
We are committed to providing advanced plastic packing equipment and total solutions for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in plastic packing equipment, Tinva continues to serve many international group’s and local factory. Assisting by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.

You can reached by email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors.


Tinva is a team full of energy.

Tinva offers the most premium machines, reasonable solutions and the newest market news for customers. Also help customers to extend business. Tinva’s mission is to help customers success through products and service.

Tinva has its own factory and professional technicians. Five major technicians and 20 companions persist in innovation, continuous improvement of machinery and put our machines on the leading position in plastic packing industry.

24-years experience is your best support!

Tinva is a brand owned by Ruian Reifeng Packing Machine Co., Ltd.


Specialize in designing and producing PACKING MACHINES FOR ALL PACKAGING PRODUCTS LINE.
Plastic Packaging Products Line, machine include:

Bag Making Machine
Bag Cutting Machine
Bag Folding Machine
Printing Machine
Film Blowing Machine
Nonwoven Product Making Machine
Packing Machine
Auxiliary Equipment